Preparing pupils for their next step to Senior School.

It is important that pupils are well prepared for their next step to Senior School.

Transition to Year 7 needs to be as smooth and comfortable as possible for all pupils, whether from St Clare’s or elsewhere.

We deliver three Senior Discovery Days each academic year for Year 6 and Year 5. They are a brilliant opportunity for those pupils to spend a day in the Senior School and have the chance to spend time getting to know their new environment and making new friends.

Although our existing Year 6 and Year 5 pupils are already taught by specialist teachers for a range of subjects, Discovery Day allows other Senior staff to build a rapport with the children in anticipation of their arrival at the Senior School, which is a fantastic way to ensure continuation of academic excellence across the year groups.

The children enjoyed a range of different subjects from Spanish, French and English to Computer Science, Geography and Physics.

Admissions Deadline for September 2023 admission to Year 7 is Friday, 25th November 2022.

Our next Senior Discovery Day is scheduled for February 2023.