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Reception Class Curriculum

Our creative curriculum inspires their passion for learning.

From your child’s very first day at St Clare’s we lay the foundation for a love of learning that will remain with them throughout the course of their school life, providing a bedrock for future success in public examinations.

In Reception class, children will still follow the new Early Years Curriculum and work towards the four Early Years Purposes, but we introduce a more structured school day. The Reception class offers a supportive and fun bridge between Nursery and the more formal educational experience enjoyed from Year 1.

“St Clare’s provides first rate education in a small, nurturing and caring environment where children are encouraged and appropriately challenged.”

 – Reception Parent, St Clare’s School


Our aim is for all children to develop the skills that will propel them into their future with confidence.

With an innovative new Early Years curriculum and outstanding level of care, your child will receive all the support they require to develop into curious, confident and rounded young people.

Literacy, numeracy and digital competency frameworks supplement and support the new curriculum to improve these key competencies in the classroom, and instill them as core skills from a young age.

The learning process in Reception is carefully embedded into every session and by the time our children move up to Year 1 they have a true love of learning.

Your child will receive all the support they require to be:

The 5 Developmental Pathways

Central to the curriculum are the five key developmental pathways that are fundamental to the learning and development of all young children.

They focus on what is important for the child, and link closely to the key principles of child development:

- Belonging
- Communication
- Exploration
- Physical Development
- Wellbeing

Each pathway has a clear rationale that captures the essence of what children need to develop at their own pace in a way that is appropriate for them. The skills are child-centred and use statements that positively reflect the children recognising their progress, such as "I am learning to..." and "I need to...".

A more structured day

Where specialist teaching begins.

We gently ease the class into a more structured school day, led by an experienced qualified teacher. Literacy and Numeracy are taught daily in Reception, where children participate in a range of practical activities to support their learning.

We balance the children’s academic endeavours with specialist French/Spanish, PE and music classes (each occurring twice a week). There are plenty of opportunities for child-led play and free choice, and for children to continue developing their cognitive abilities. Children also attend Forest School once a week.

The phonics scheme we follow at St Clare's in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 is Read, Write, Inc (RWI).

RWI is a DfE-validated systematic phonics programme with a whole school approach to teaching early reading and writing. It teaches children to read accurately, fluently and with understanding, to spell and to write their own compositions. Children also participate in a range of topics that focus on a story and enable the children to develop their understanding of the world and explore their creativity through art and design activities.

Lessons include:

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