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Mid-Year Admissions

Mid-year starts can take place at any time.

Last academic year, more than half of all our new pupils joined us mid-year. This can be due to a number of reasons:

  • families relocating

  • pupils who are more able and need to be academically stretched

  • pupils who have not settled or are unhappy in their current school

  • possibly even gaps in learning caused by the impact of the pandemic.

Sometimes, once a family has decided St Clare’s is the best school for them, they simply can’t wait to start straight away!

Whatever the reason for a mid-year start, we are here to help as much as we can. We are very used to, and experienced, with the process of welcoming children mid-year.

A seamless transition.

Come and find out just how beneficial a mid-year start can be.

Call our Admissions Team on 01656 789966 to book a more personalised private tour at your convenience.

Find out how we create a warm and welcoming environment for new pupils, whenever they join, with our buddy system and curriculum catch-up packs.

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