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A-Level Results 2023

A track record for outstanding results.

In August 2023, Sixth Form students at St Clare’s Porthcawl celebrated the school’s track record for outstanding results at A-Level.

Students achieved a brilliant 68% A*/B grades, securing places at the most competitive universities and acquiring prestigious apprenticeships such as Deloitte.

We are so proud of every one of our students, and wish them all continued success.

A-Level Results 2023
39.4% A*/A grades
68% A*/B grades
100% pass rate across all subjects
Embracing success in academic and creative courses.

St Clare’s has been in the top 5% of top performing A-Level schools in the UK for ALPS (A-Level Performance System) since 2018.

The 2023 A-Level grades build on the excellent results seen in previous years with St Clare’s achieving a clean sweep of 100% pass rate across all subjects, highlighting the school’s strength in both academic and creative fields.

Students are leaving St Clare’s to embark upon exciting futures at the best universities such as the Russell Group or to start competitive apprenticeships at Deloitte.

“My Sixth Form experience has been wonderful, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, from learning, to spending time in the common room with friends.”

– Sixth Form Student

Celebrating our high achievers.

STEM success to read Medicine.

Top performing student was Sarah, who secured A*A*A*A* in the notoriously tough STEM subjects Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths. Sarah has accepted a place at Nottingham to study Medicine.

Looking ahead to Mechanical Engineering.

Susmita achieved A*A*A in Physics, Graphics and Maths and secured her first-choice university to read Mechanical Engineering at Swansea, with a year in industry.

Flourishing in the Creative Arts to read Music.

Agnes achieved A*A*A in Music and Fine Art and in English Literature and secured her first-choice university to read Music at Southampton.

On the path to a rewarding career with an industry Apprenticeship.

Iwan secured *AA in History, Physics and Maths and will be embarking on an exciting 5-year Engineering Apprenticeship at Tata Steel.

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