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Senior School

Welcome to St Clare's Senior School.

Our magnificent coastal location and incredible grounds provide the perfect place for children between the ages of 11 and 16 years to develop both academically and personally.

Our overriding aim is for pupils to achieve their full potential within our caring and supporting environment.

Our curriculum delivers above average GCSE results while making sure that student wellbeing remains at the heart of our mission.

Vision & values

St Clare's is a beautiful school both inside and out, it has an old soul but refuses to stand still.

From Nursery through to Sixth Form, our purpose is clear. Our strong curriculum, steadfast pastoral care and enriching extra-curricular programme enable us to provide pupils with the freedom and support to flourish independently.

Our approach is to teach each and every child in the most effective way for them; we call this individualised learning. At the heart of this approach is our ability to understand precisely where your child is on their learning journey.

In choosing St Clare’s as a school for your son or daughter you are ensuring that they are educated in a nurturing environment and will realise their full potential.

Our approach

In pursuit of excellence.

We are focused on maintaining our reputation for being one of south Wales’s leading private Senior schools. That works starts with our exciting academic provision.

We want all of our pupils to be enthusiastic about their lessons, we work at their pace, identifying areas where they need more stretch or more support and, in the process, we consistently achieve above average GCSE results.

Our imaginative Senior curriculum is part of a much broader learning journey here at St Clare’s.

Quite simply, we enable our pupils to be the best they can be, so we ensure that their academic, emotional and social needs are always being met.

A place where pupils take pride in everybody's achievements.

“Enrolling our son at St Clare's has proved to be the best decision we have made for his education. The interaction with, and responsiveness from, staff has been great so far. He is thriving and we are very happy.”

– Senior School Parent, St Clare’s School

Join us for a Personal Tour

We warmly welcome families throughout the year, offering tailored personal tours on a day that suits you, including school holidays.

Enjoy a guided tour around the school by a member of our friendly Admissions Team who can answer any questions you may have.


Extending education beyond the classroom.

In a rapidly challenging workplace and world, we recognise the need to prepare all our pupils for life after St Clare’s.

We run an enrichment programme which educates young people outside the boundaries of the academic world.

Specialist sessions are held on higher order thinking, debating, television and media presenting, culinary skills and many more in a bid to build resilience and extend the pupils’ education way beyond the classroom.

We operate an open-door policy.

Our Headteacher and Form Tutors are always happy to meet with parents to discuss any aspect of their child’s journey at the school.

We enjoy a vibrant, warm, and connected school environment in which our pupils respect their peers and develop lifelong friendships. This sense of camaraderie amongst our young learners is underpinned by a well-rounded school day that includes access to plenty of career guidance and inspiration, and exceptional extra-curricular activities and clubs.

We also encourage the social development of our pupils with a sit-down meal at lunchtime that has been prepared in-house by our talented catering team. Both nutritious and delicious, this is an immensely popular part of the day.

Begin an unforgettable adventure.
Children who join St Clare’s develop their confidence and gain a genuine love for learning, putting them on the path to success.

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