Leavers' Destinations 2020

Leavers' Destinations 2020

100% of students went on to University, Apprenticeship or straight into a high-flying career


In 2020 students continued the tradition of going on to top universities.

Our Headteacher commented, “They have been a fantastic year group who have shown leadership, positivity and commitment throughout their time here and we wish them all the very best as they take the next step on their educational journey.”

University Destinations

University destinations and courses include:

  • University of Exeter, Medical Sciences
  • University of Warwick, Mathematics
  • Royal Veterinary College London, Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Reading, Architecture
  • University of Cardiff, Biological Sciences
  • University of Reading, International Management and Spanish
  • University of Nottingham, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • University of Warwick, History
  • University of Swansea, Business Management
  • University of Harper and Keele, Veterinary Medicine
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