Senior Curriculum & GCSE Options

New 'Triple Maths' and Business Studies options available for September 2022

Senior Curriculum & GCSE Options

New 'Triple Maths' and Business Studies options available for September 2022

An exciting and varied curriculum in the senior school

At KS3 (from Years 7 to 9) St Clare’s pupils have an exciting and varied curriculum where they are taught the three core subjects, English Literature, English Language and Maths together with three sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (all taught separately) and two foreign languages, Spanish and French. They also have lessons in  Humanities, Arts, Performing Arts,  PE  and Computer Science as well as bespoke careers and PSE lessons.

At KS4 (from Year  10 to 11), pupils can also choose Graphics, Business Studies and a triple maths option.

Choosing GCSE Options in Year 9

St Clare’s pupils study the three core subjects: English Literature, English Language and Maths and at least one science.  In addition, a humanities subject and a modern foreign language are also strongly recommended to provide a broad and balanced curriculum. There is a wide choice available for you to personalise your curriculum to suit your strengths, your aspirations and your interests. We are offering a new “triple maths” option for September 2022 as well as Business Studies GCSE.

Find out more by reading our GCSE Options booklet for September 2022 below:

Additionally, Study Support Skills will be available to those who might benefit.  There is also a compulsory non-examined course in PE/Games and a lesson of PSE or Careers each week.

St Clare’s follow the English curriculum for GCSE examinations  where the qualification award is graded from 9 to 1. Grade 9 being the equivalent to an A** which has given our most talented pupils the opportunity to attain this most prestigious grade. Although University might seem a long way off when deciding on GCSEs, choices at this stage can directly impact on options when it comes to A-Levels and, in turn when applying to University.

Choosing which GCSE subjects to take will shape what happens when you leave full-time education. Getting the right mix of skills and qualifications to prepare you for your future isn’t easy. How do you know you are making the right subject choices, especially if you don’t know what career you would like to follow?

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