Enrichment and Extra Curricular Clubs

Enrichment and Extra Curricular Clubs

Specialist Music, Drama (LAMDA) and Ballet

Music and Drama play an important part of our curriculum with the opportunity for lessons with specialist teachers:

Singing – Mrs Emma Laidlaw Learn more
Drums – Mr Noel Watson Learn more
Guitar – Mr Jason Staddon
Saxophone – Mrs Emma Laidlaw Learn more
Piano – Mr Nathan Jones Learn more
LAMDA – Ms Karen Paullada   Learn more

Ballet – Mrs Caroline Brown

Drama – Ms Karen Paullada is also running external group classes on Fridays for Y2-Y6 and on Wednesdays for Senior students. Maximum of 15 per class.

Enrichment Programme

At St Clare’s School, we endeavour to educate the whole child. Our aim is to send young people out into the world of work as responsible, balanced young citizens. Developing life-skills and character education have always been at the forefront of our day to day pastoral care at St Clare’s but we now explicitly address their development through our Enrichment Programme. Our aim is to offer activities that will form an essential part of promoting employability and enhancing academic attainment, whilst teaching our young people essential life skills that will have benefits well beyond the classroom.

All pupils will take part in the enrichment programme once every half a term. They take part in a wide range of activities, exploring skills that sometimes are not explicitly addressed on the timetable. From learning sign language to conservation club, as well as entering competitions and attending workshops with guest experts, we hope to enhance pupil employability through the additional skills learned. Alongside the planned activities, the PE department will be running sporting fixtures and a variety of tournaments, minimising the impact on the academic curriculum. Consent letters for trips off-site and information on required clothing will be given out in advance of particular sessions. Mrs Smart will be reviewing the impact of the current programme, through surveys and feedback sessions with the pupils and their opinions have already shaped the look of the programme.

Autumn Term Prep School Clubs

Prep clubs run after school and the pupils will be fully supervised. Parents will be required to make the necessary arrangements for transport home and it is essential that a parent informs the club leader in writing should their child be unable to attend the club on any occasion during the year.

All clubs booked through our parent app Cognita Connect. Due to the popularity of a number of the clubs it may be necessary to organise some on a rota basis.

** Please note that there is a charge for drama on a Wednesday which is directly payable to The Performance House.

*** Please note that there is a charge for LAMDA on a Friday which is directly payable to Ms Karen Paullada.

MondayMusic (Nursery) until 4:00pm
MondayDance/Yoga (Rec & Y1) until 4:00pm
MondayChess (Y4 - Y6) until 4:00pm
MondayPuzzles & Games (Y2 - Y3) until 4:00pm
TuesdayScience Experiments (Rec - Y2) until 4:00pm
TuesdayYoga/Dance (Y3 - Y6) until 4:00pm
TuesdayMusical Theatre (Y3 - Y6) until 4:00pm
WednesdayThe Performance House (Y2 - Y6) (external provider) **
ThursdayMindfulness Colouring (Rec - Y2) until 4:00pm
ThursdayJunior Cross Country (Y3 - Y6) until 4:15pm
FridayLAMDA Drama Group (Y2 - Y6) until 4:15pm (external provider) ***

Autumn Term Senior School Clubs

School Council – Wednesday form time (BC)

Mathematics – daily drop ins (CE)

Eco Club (AF) after Christmas

STEM Club (GJ) after Christmas

Table Tennis Club (KS3) (SM) on Mondays after Christmas.

School Production (PW) practice sessions would be most days. Awaiting government guidance re social distancing and mixing year groups indoors.

Many staff will also be running GCSE and A-Level top-up sessions during lunchtimes and after school.

*** Please note that there is a charge for LAMDA on a Wednesday which is directly payable to Ms Karen Paullada.


Chess Club - all key stages (CE)Film Club (HD) Nov-FebGardening (CL & PR) Debating Club - all key stages (SS)Mad Hatter's Business Tea Party Club KS3 (HH & NM)
Choir and Spanish Choir - all key stages (JS & BC)Table Tennis Y10/Y11 GCSE (SM) after Y11 mocksArt - exam classes (LW)Digital IT Skills Club (LY)Library and English Competitions (KB)
Art - exam classes (LW)Ethics Club - all key stages (MC)Graphics - exam classes (DT)Art - exam classes (LW)
Inclusion & Diversity Club (RS) (this club encompasses LGBTQ+ club)Science Dept homework catch up sessions (VR)Graphics - exam classes (DT)
Graphics - exam classes (DT)Art - exam classes (LW)
Graphics - exam classes (DT)

After School

Revision sessionsRevision sessionsRevision sessionsRevision sessions
Available day for sports fixtures (boys)Available day for sports fixtures (boys)French Film Club KS5 once a month (MP)Cheese Club once a month (RS)
Football/rugby girls (LB). Possible girls fixtures.Netball Club - all key stages (LB). Possible girls fixtures.
Football Club Y9-11 (SM). Possible boys fixtures.Football Club Y7-9 (SM). Possible boys fixtures.
LAMDA Drama Group - all key stages (external provider) ***
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