We offer a limited number of Academic and Sport scholarships to encourage the promotion of academic and sporting excellence at St Clare’s.

  • Year 7 Academic & Sport Scholarships (APPLICATION DEADLINE WAS 26TH OCTOBER 2021)
  • Year 12 Academic, Sport & Music Scholarships.

Academic Scholarship Criteria:

Candidates must be performing at the following levels:

Year 7
Standardised score of 130+ in at least one of the Year 6 national standardised tests.

Year 12
Predicted a minimum of a Grade 8 average at GCSE.

Sports Scholarship Criteria:

Year 7 and 12

In respect of applications for a Sports Scholarship, if the sport is a mainstream sport played at St Clare’s, candidates should be playing at least at approximately District level (if applicable). If the chosen sport is not currently a mainstream sport at the school, applicants must be performing at approximately national level to be considered.

Download the Year 7 Scholarship Information here

Download the Year 12 Scholarship Information here

Please contact our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Holly Fowlkes on (01656) 789966 if you have any further questions.



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