Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships are awarded for excellence in one or more fields of the life of the school or for potential to achieve outstanding results. Awards may be made for Academic or Sport.

St Clare’s Scholarship Programme is intended for existing and new pupils entering Senior School in Years 7 and 12 in September 2018.

Pupils attending St Clare’s Prep School are considered ‘new’ to the Senior School for this programme but must be invited to apply for a Scholarship. Pupils in Year 11 at St Clare’s School are also considered ‘new’ to our Sixth Form for this programme so are eligible to apply for a Scholarship.  The awarding and continued holding of a Scholarship requires good conduct and achievement in the school.


All applicants applying for a Scholarship must be registered with St Clare’s School prior to the submission of an application.

Types of Scholarships:

We are offering a number of Scholarships for pupils entering school in September 2018.

Scholarships may be awarded for high achieving students who show excellence or outstanding potential in one or more of the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Sport

Applications from students in both the maintained and independent school sectors are welcomed.

Internal and external applicants must be performing at the following levels:

Year 7

  • to be in the top sets for all subjects and regularly in the top 5% of the highest performing pupils in their year group;
  • achieving Level 6 in legacy National Curriculum by the end of Year 6;
  • achieving Mastery levels in Age Related Expectations; and
  • “above average” for year group (standardised score of 130+) in at least one of the following Welsh Government National Reading & Numeracy tests;
    • English Reading Progress Measure;
    • Numeracy Procedural Progress Measure;
    • Numeracy Reading Progress Measure.

Year 12

  • to be predicted a minimum of a Grade 7 average at GCSE.

Academic Scholarship – Application

A covering letter should accompany all Academic Scholarship applications and must provide the following information:

  • For reference purposes, the name of the applicant’s current Headteacher and Department Heads or current English and Mathematics teacher. References will be contacted prior to the assessment day.
  • Personal statement, outlining the candidate’s commitment to the academic life of their current school and their personal achievements/interests.
  • Portfolio including photocopies of certificates, awards and achievements relevant to the applicant’s academic life.

Academic Scholarship – Assessment Criteria

There is a one day assessment in March where candidates are required to:

  • Attend an interview with the Headmaster/SLT and Department Heads.
  • Year 7 entrants will sit examination papers in English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning and references will be obtained from current class teacher and current Headteacher.
  • Year 12 entrants will be assessed using their Grade Point Average (GPA) and references from relevant Heads of Departments and current Headteacher.

We are holding a Sixth Form preview evening on Wednesday, 14th March at 4:00pm.  Please come along to see what we can offer.

Sports Scholarships:

In respect of applications for a Sports Scholarship, if the sport is a mainstream sport played at St Clare’s, candidates should be playing at approximately county level (if available). If the chosen sport is not currently a mainstream sport at the school, applicants must be performing at approximately national level to be considered. In the event that there is no county or regional squad for the appropriate age group, applicants should submit evidence of exceptional performance in their chosen sport.

To qualify for the Sports Scholarship, candidates must be able to demonstrate significant potential for sporting achievements at a high level. Students who are interested can request an application form from the school office, which is to be submitted along with a portfolio of evidence of their sporting achievements. All candidates for Sports Scholarships will also be interviewed by the Headmaster. Wherever possible, arrangements will be made to observe the candidate in action. Whilst we are interested to receive applications from all talented young sportsmen and women, we look favourably on applicants with potential in our school’s focus sports of rugby, football, cricket, netball and athletics/cross country.


Further information

Please contact our Registrar, Mrs Holly Fowlkes, for a copy of the 2018 Scholarship Information Pack and a Scholarship Application Form.  Direct line (01656) 789966 or email