Studying in the UK

International students from around the globe come to study in the UK because of its reputation for academic excellence and the value of British qualifications in an ever more competitive global marketplace.

The benefits of a St Clare’s education:

  • Reputation for academic excellence and modern education
  • Highly- regarded teaching staff and outstanding facilities
  • Enables students to excel, extending their strengths and interest
  • Offers friendly environment and a range of exciting activities
  • Provides safe accommodation and secure environment

Teaching Excellence

At St Clare’s we pride ourselves on our outstanding academic reputation and work hard to ensure that we remain a highly respected school in the UK which is supported by our parent company Cognita Schools.

We offer a wide a range of courses which will pave the way for entry to many esteemed higher education institutions in the UK. Our rich portfolio not only includes A Level qualifications and GCSE courses for international students but also a wide array of additional activities and events on our school campus.

Study Abroad – Choose UK

The experience of studying abroad alongside a wide array of students from many different backgrounds can be transformative; St Clare’s offers plenty of support which ensures that no matter what educational background students come from, they can take advantage of every opportunity. By deciding to study in the UK, every student becomes a part of a centuries-old tradition and part of a thriving community in our school.

English Language Skills

Furthermore, English language skills are important part of St Clare’s curriculum. Most academic courses (A-Level, GCSE) offered by our school includes English Language preparation classes. However, our students can also learn English on their own by attending short term IELTS courses, specifically designed to quickly improve English language skills.

International Academic Fees 2018/19

Per termPer Annum
A Level Years 12/13£4,916£14,719
GCSE Year 11£4,849£14,546
GCSE Year 10£4,799£14,396
Year 9£4,734£14,201
Year 8£4,634£13,901
Year 7£4,570£13,710
Year 6£3,438£10,313
Year 5£3,308£9,923
Year 4£3,126£9,379
Year 3£3,038£9,113
Year 2£2,970£8,910
Year 1£2,883£8,648
EAL Support£1,945
Lunches (compulsory)£195£585

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