Independent School Fees

Here you will find the school tuition fees per child for the academic year beginning September 2017 and ending in July 2018.

Registration fee (non-refundable)£50
Deposit to confirm acceptance of place£250

Preparatory School Fees 2017/18

Nursery (including lunch)£ 2,055 per term (full time)* (includes lunch)
Reception£ 2,075 per term
Year 1£2,125 per term
Year 2£2,190 per term
Year 3£2,240 per term
Year 4£2,305 per term
Year 5£2,405 per term
Year 6£2,500 per term

Senior School Fees 2017/18

Year 7£3,135 per term
Years 8 & 9£ 3,370 per term
Years 10 & 11£ 3,490 per term
Years 12 & 13£ 3,575 per term

More Information

*Fees for pupils attending the Nursery on a part-time basis are charged at £37.95 per day until 3:00pm. After School Club is then available until 6pm, charges stated below. Nursery fees include a healthy, home-cooked lunch.

Healthy, home-cooked lunches are provided for all pupils at a cost of £3.24 per day (£189 per term).

We accept ChildCare vouchers.

We accept the Bridgend Early Years Grant.

After School Club sessions will be charged at £2.25 per half hour session from 3:30-6:00pm.

Transport fees will be £3.79 per single journey.

Fees are due on or before the first day of term. Fees not paid by the due date may be liable to a late payment charge calculated at 1.5% per month from the first day of term.

A full term’s notice is required in writing before the withdrawal of a pupil from the school, failing which fees in lieu of notice will be charged.

Unpaid fees may result in the pupil being excluded.