Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our highest priority is the safeguarding of all members of the community.

We value your child’s happiness.  A happy child is a motivated child is an over-performing child.  We have a strong and supportive pastoral structure ranging from Deputy Head (Pastoral & Wellbeing), Assistant Head (Wellbeing & Attitudes to Learning),  Sixth Form Team, Heads of Key Stage to Teaching Assistants.

St. Clare’s provides a return to traditional old fashioned values and standards in a modern setting.  We believe good manners and high personal standards of dress and conduct cost nothing and that a culture of mutual respect and courtesy is a valuable life skill.

Enthusiastic though we are about our school, its achievements and impressive facilities, we never lose sight of the fact that our core purpose is to ensure our children’s holistic development and wellbeing.  St Clare’s provides a warm, secure, family-like environment in which they are nurtured as individuals according to their abilities, personality and potential, encouraged to appreciate and understand our world and its people – and celebrate their own achievements and those of others.  This is reflected in the excellent relationships that the children develop with their teachers and peers and the pride shown in the school by pupils and staff alike.

St. Clare’s educates the whole child in preparation for life, higher education and the world of work. Pupils leave St. Clare’s as independent resilient lifelong learners with the necessary life skills to become future leaders.

St Clare’s will always be small enough to ensure that we have a deep and valuable knowledge of every individual pupil but large enough to create meaningful communities and provide a wide and varied academic, pastoral and extra-curricular offer.

Mother of Boy Nursery

Fabulous nursery with truly fantastic staff! Both my children have delighted and blossomed during their nursery experiences. A perfect environment for little learners with teachers that I cannot thank enough.

Mother of boy, Prep School

From day one, our experience of the school has been outstanding, and all of the teachers have been incredibly supportive.

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