Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission…

A place where the best teachers ignite your child’s passion to learn. Where your child will be challenged to achieve academic excellence in a stimulating, caring and supportive environment, so that they will become independent, critical thinkers with the resilience and character to succeed in life.

Our vision…

Your child’s safety is paramount.  Our highest priority is the safeguarding of all members of the community. St Clare’s School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  To achieve our commitment, we will ensure continuous development and improvement of robust and 100% compliant safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff and volunteers.

We value your child’s happiness.  A happy child is a motivated child is an over-performing child.  St Clare’s has a strong and supportive pastoral structure ranging with Sixth Form mentors, Tutors, Teaching Assistants, Heads of Key Stage to Deputy Head.

We place great importance on our pupils’ Value Added performance.  On average every St Clare’s pupil attains on average a grade higher per subject by the end of A-Level compared to the national average for a child of their ability.

We educate the whole child in preparation for life, higher education and the world of work. Pupils leave St Clare’s as independent, resilient global citizens who are lifelong learners with the necessary life skills and character to become future leaders.

St Clare’s has a family ethos evidenced by the number of siblings, children and even grandchildren who attend the school.  Many of the staff are ex-pupils of St Clare’s with their own children at the school.   St Clare’s uniquely belongs to a large extensive but close knit family of schools and is a genuinely cohesive community with links locally, nationally and globally.

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