Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

In 2015 we were extremely delighted to be awarded an Estyn Inspection report of “Good” in all areas.

Inspectors cited the well-structured curriculum, the quality of teaching, a whole school tracking system to monitor pupil progress and an environment of care and support for pupils as key factors in school performance. Estyn’s focus on outcomesprovision and leadership in the report shows the consistently high standards worked to at St Clare’s School.

Outcomes for students were judged Good across all age groups.

A-Level outcomes over the last two years show “around a third of entries were at the highest A*/A grade. In 2014, 79% of entries were graded A*/B, which is almost 30 percentage points higher than the national figure.”

Lower down the school, the quality of teaching and learning was also highly praised by Reporting Inspector Rosemary Lait and her team.

Provision of teaching, learning experiences and environment together with the school’s care, support and guidance of pupils are all reported to contribute to pupil progress, wellbeing and inclusion. Leadership is regarded as astute with a clear vision in place that underpins the school’s aims, principles and all areas of its work.

Commenting on the report, Headmaster Simon Antwis said “I congratulate all St Clare’s staff, parents and pupils on this terrific report; it is a pleasure to see all the hard work and commitment to teaching, study and school life recognised by ESTYN and to know that inspectors clearly understood and respected the unique ethos and environment of St Clare’s. We know what a great place this school is and the value it adds to young lives and now this has been recognised”.

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Estyn Inspection Report 2015

In 2014, pupils’ performance in mathematics and science was particularly strong. Results in many non-core subjects are also well above national averages. At the same time, 35% of entries at GCSE were graded A*/A compared with a national figure of 19%…

…from a young age, almost all pupils read at a level well above that expected for their age…

…Performance in GCSE examinations “is consistently high when compared with national averages…

…Leadership is regarded as astute with a clear vision in place that underpins the school’s aims, principles and all areas of its work.

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