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Best School in Wales

At St Clare’s School we are very proud of our strong record of results at GCSE and A-Level. We place great importance on our pupils’ Value Added performance. On average, every St Clare’s pupil attains 0.9 of a grade higher per subject by the end of A-Level compared to the national average for a child of their ability. Our vision is to exceed this to one grade Value Added.

Our sixth form cohort received their  A-Level grades in mid-August.  The students achieved a 100% pass rate, a testament to their sustained hard work and focus, and to the skill with which the school and each of their teachers have set about the structure and ethos of the sixth form.

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Estyn Inspection Report 2015

Pupils’ performance in GCSE examinations is consistently high when compared with the national average.

St. Clare's A-Level Results 2017


100% pass rate at A-Level since 2014

34% of pupils achieved an A*/A grade compared to national average 23%.

St Clare’s follow the Welsh curriculum for A-Levels.  We have assurances from Ofqual that this in no way disadvantages our pupils when applying to any UK university. The benefit is more flexibility akin to the legacy English A-Levels.


St Clare’s GCSE Results 2017

St. Clare’s celebrated glowing GCSE results with 37.8% A*/A grades in unreformed GCSEs which sees pupils consistently outperform pupils across the UK where the pass rate at A*/A is 22.1%.

St. Clare’s also celebrated 86% at new Grade 4+ in reformed GCSEs which sees pupils consistently outperform pupils across the UK where the pass rate at Grade 4+ is 71%.

St. Clare’s follow the English curriculum for GCSEs with the possibility of a grade 9 (equal to A**).  Although University might seem a long way off when deciding on GCSEs, choices at this stage can directly impact on options when it comes to A-Levels and, in turn when applying to University.