Senior Pastoral Care

Senior Pastoral Care

At St Clare’s we believe that true success is not solely measured academically. In order for your child to achieve their full academic potential, we provide the pastoral framework for them to flourish. We strive to ensure that every child leaves with the ambition, resilience and most importantly happiness to move on to their next step with confidence.

Our close relationships with parents and families mean that parents can pick up the phone at any point and speak to a member of the pastoral team.

A key addition to our team in the past few years has been the employment of an independent school counsellor.

Another additional part of our wellbeing provision is AS Tracking (Affective Social Tracking) a system set up by two eminent psychologists and it’s an adolescent mental health tool that can enable schools to identify pupils’ hidden risks a little bit earlier. As something that can pre-emptively guide us pastorally, our pastoral care becomes proactive instead of reactive, making it an invaluable extra piece to the jigsaw that is pastoral care at St Clare’s.

One of the big challenges for all young people is socially navigating the virtual world and we run parent engagement evenings in which we look in detail at some of the apps the students use most often; and we look at gaming too. With deeper knowledge of these platforms, our aim is that parents better understand the social dynamic of the online world which is a fundamental part of all young people’s lives nowadays days.

In this same rapidly challenging workplace and world, we recognise the need to prepare all our students for life after St Clare’s. We run an enrichment programme which educations young people outside the boundaries of the academic world. Specialist sessions are held on higher order thinking, debating, television and media presenting, culinary skills and many more in a bid to build resilience and extend the students’ education way beyond the classroom.

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