Message from the Headteacher

Hear from our Headteacher on what we're doing to support your child during this unprecedented time

Message from the Headteacher

Hear from our Headteacher on what we're doing to support your child during this unprecedented time

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to St. Clare’s to start the summer term. I have to admit that I had never anticipated that we would be starting the summer term of 2020 in this way.

At St Clare’s however, despite the challenging circumstances, we remain committed to providing an outstanding education for all of our pupils, regardless of the setting. We are currently in such unusual and unprecedented times, which can be extremely unsettling for our children. As well as prioritising their physical health as we remain at home, we also need to be looking after their mental health and wellbeing, keeping a sense of normality and daily routine, whilst providing opportunities for them to flourish. Therefore, although the school site remains closed, their education continues and will follow a structured timetable.

We understand that nothing can replace actually being in school, and being taught and cared for in person, but we hope that, through our Online Teaching and Learning Programme, our children will embrace the opportunity to develop their ICT skills and that they will become more resilient and independent. Most importantly, we hope that they continue to find joy in their learning and that they will be appropriately challenged through our Remote Learning Curriculum Programme.

I would like to thank you once again for the support you have shown me and the school. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a great team. I would like to thank the teachers for their unfaltering support and work ethic. They have embraced the new technology and are working around the clock to ensure that the education delivered is of the highest quality.

I have always known what a fantastic school St Clare’s is and that is the reason why I have taught there for 17 years and also the reason why I have chosen to educate my children there. These last few weeks have however really illustrated to me the school’s strength. When I say school, I mean the people. It is not the physical building but the people that make St. Clare’s the special place it is and this has never been more evident than now at a time when we are unable to access the physical school but we are still very much a school community, a team and a support network for one another. The coming weeks will undoubtedly contain many new challenges, but we are sure that, by working together as a school community, our children will have structure, as well as the time to be creative and pursue more open-ended activities, maintaining a happy balance between academic work and play.

Thank you to you all, to your children and to all the staff at St Clare’s, each and every one of you plays an extremely important role. I would like to wish everyone a very happy and successful summer term.

Kind regards

Helen Hier


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