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CSI Workshop Day

Pupils and staff were shocked to find crime scene tape everywhere as they arrived at school today.  There was a dead body near the dining hall, one on the rugby pitch and even a skeleton in Gardening Club’s polytunnel!


But it all turned out to be the handiwork of Jon Williams from Crime Solvers who’d set up the crime scenes early that morning.  A real life Senior Investigator, Jon guided St Clare’s team of Trainee Investigators through the maze of a criminal investigation.

Dressed in protective CSI suits and masks, Y6 and Y7 were split up into 3 teams of CSI Miami, CSI Vegas and CSI New York before Jon took them a crime investigation ‘field trip’ within the school’s beautiful grounds which are close to Newton Beach.

The budding CSIs had a really great day following the evidence and solving the crime.

Congratulations to Rupert Davies in Y7 who actually solved the crime before lunchtime! What a super sleuth!

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