Global Effort for Young People’s Well-being amid COVID-19 


Students at St Clare’s joined over 55,000 children and young people around the world to draw attention to the vital role of mental and physical wellbeing in education.

Covid-19 has put the spotlight on young people’s wellbeing more than ever before. On Friday 25 September, St Clare’s collapsed the curriculum to mark Global Be Well Day – a worldwide event led by Cognita, the group of over 75 schools of which St Clare’s is a member.  

The day of activities and learning aimed to expand students’ and parents’ understanding of wellbeing at a time when Covid-19 impacts every aspect of life. Helen Hier, Headteacher, explains: “The uncertainty of Covid has meant our school has pivoted to and from online learning over the last six months. We expect this may well happen again – and that makes our priority focus on wellbeing doubly important.”

Global Be Well Day at St Clare’s focused on pupil wellbeing, mindfulness and teamwork with a variety of activities including yoga, gardening, deep-breathing and linking up with a sister school in Madrid via Microsoft Teams during Spanish lessons.

Helen Hier continues: “By joining together on Global Be Well Day 2020, we’re reinforcing the vital importance of wellbeing as the foundation that needs to underpin every aspect of education. 

In association with Global Be Well Day, students and staff at St Clare’s school took part in Cognita’s Active World Challenge, which involved everyone in the school community banding together to ‘exercise their way’ to a sister school in the Cognita world. 

“The idea is we collectively clock our miles of exercise in order to ‘reach’ another school. We’ve had students, parents and staff running, cycling, walking and much more so we can reach our sister school Colegio Europeo de Madrid in Spain.” 

“Evidence shows that exercise and connecting to others – which remain challenging during Covid – are among the key contributors to wellbeing” said Rachel Smart, our Deputy Head, Pastoral & Wellbeing.Our Active World Challenge is a great way to achieve both these things – and have fun.” 




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